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As you may Know, the State of Minnesota has enacted Radon Measurement Licensure for anyone doing Radon testing. We love being able to offer this as a service and we are fully Licensed with the State to continue to meet all your Radon and inspection needs. However as part of the state licensure they have changed some of the requirements for radon testing. The most significant change is that every different foundation type must be tested. This means in a home with a basement and a slab on grade level, the home would require two testing locations. If this same home had an addition the had a crawlspace it would require a 3rd testing location. To bring you the fastest and most accurate test results we only use continuous Radon monitors. To continue to use these monitors and offer the fastest and most accurate results we will be enacting Tiered Radon Pricing. If there is 1 monitor (foundation) the Price for Radon testing will be $150. For each Monitor/foundation additional there will be a $25 charge for the testing

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For commercial properties or houses over 5000 SQ FT please contact us for an estimate.
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